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How to unblock a toilet East London

When you are not able to clear a blockage through the use of a plunger alone, you may try out a wire coat hanger. The first thing to do is unravel the coat hanger. You can move the wire in or out in a circular motion so that it can loosen a blockage and to lead to an unblocked toilet. When the toilet has been stubborn and both the wire and the plunger fail to dislodge it, you may need to have a flexible cleaning tool to reach into the pipes easily. The flexible cleaning tool may be inserted straight within a toilet. You have to push the flexible cleaning tool so that you can feel a blockage. You can move the tool inside a bend until you are able to clear the blockage. If the toilet has cleared, you should use disinfectant and household bleach to get rid of the remaining residue within the bowl. If you have tried everything but you still have a blocked toilet East London, then it is time to call for a qualified person to come and help you with such a problem. You can call expert plumbers in East London in order to help you with the problem. Many people have found themselves in the situation where they have had to deal with a blocked toilet East London but few people admit it because it is somehow embarrassing. However, there is no need to be worried if you know the secret of unblocking the toilet. You can learn how to get out of a messy situation when a plunger is not near and you find yourself with a serious problem. The first thing that will show that the toilet has been blocked is when it is not flushing as it should be. You have to take the lid off a tank and close the flapper of the toilet. The toilet flapper lets the flow into the toilet and closing it avoids overflowing.

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